Business Intelligence System
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein, Physicist
Instead of having only too much data, correctly interpreted data moves you forward. Make the most effective decisions with the right business intelligence method, always be one step ahead by saving time, resources and money. 
Evaluate your data, analyse risks and see the potential. Benefit from the opportunities of the most modern decision support system in the competitive environment where data-oriented companies win.
Listen to the story of your data with new generation business intelligence.
Understand the language of your data with rich visualization capabilities. Meet all your corporate reporting and analysis needs with ThothBI, which is developed by using the latest technologies and provides many rich visualization interfaces including map-based and real-time data analytics.
Interpret your data, focus on your organization’s target.
In the age of big data, demonstrate your difference in the competitive environment by understanding data correctly. Focus on your needs in the big data world with ThothBI, which is developed for many different industries. Interpret the raw data you have. See the risks and potentials, set your business strategies.
Explore your data with interactive and rich content.
Considering the type, variety and detail of the data, take advantages of table, pivot, polygon and temperature map, bar, line, pie, word cloud, rich text, dashboard, traffic lights and many other display options with interaction support. The interaction you make with any object on the page is automatically reflected in all other reports as a filter, and the entire control panel is updated accordingly the same filter.
Connect directly to all databases.
Connect directly to all commonly used databases. Get the fastest results in all databases with the ThothBI data layer that creates optimized queries. With Data Modeling tools, perform the model design works required for your reports quickly and effectively.
Fast filtering with smart search.
Access the information you are searching quickly with the original smart search feature. Find information instantly with ThothBI, which searches the criteria entered in the search box on each page, lists the results for you, and filters the entire control panel in keeping with the information you enter with a single touch.
Build interactive infographics.
Create reports, information notes and press releases that you regularly present to senior management and press or public with infographics with enriched visualization options. Create template analyses that always present the updated data and share these reports via automatic e-mail with the scheduled tasks feature.
Effective solution for multi-user organizations with horizontal scaling (Dockerize) support.
Work inside Container structures with ThothBI, the only product in the market with Dockerize feature and scale the system in keeping with your need very quickly without interruption. By means of this feature, which was developed to work effectively in multi-user organizations, ThothBI works with high performance in all sectors, at all scales.

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