High quality data analysis products and software solutions on a global scale.

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Is Graph Analytics Possible Without Graph Databases?
Datactive Promises Much More!

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Make the most effective decisions with the right business intelligence method, always be one step ahead.

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Analyse your data from distributed systems on a single platform.

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Extensive analysis platform that enables analysts to reveal the hidden connections and patterns between data for crime and fraud detection.
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Business intelligence system (BI) that presents data in the best way by creating rich content reports with interactive infographics for all reporting and analysis needs.
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An analysis system that provides to operate graph based queries and shortest path, fattest path, betweens centrality, degree centrality, etc. algorithms on relational databases.
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We ensure you to get a 360-degree view of your data with our products and solutions. We support your data-driven transformation at every stage.
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Our Solutions

Software Solutions
By using modern technologies with our dynamic and experienced team, we offer high performance and secured software solutions suitable for your organization’s infrastructure and scaling needs.
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Business Intelligence (BI) Systems
Your data is the mirror of your organization. We offer solutions report your data from all sources in the most accurate and understandable way with the richest content.
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Relationship Oriented Data Analysis
We transform logical relationships within data into the solutions that reduce risks and increase efficiency with analytical and visual analysis.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions
We develop autonomous systems that analyses your existing data with machine learning (ML), generates predictions and alarms and takes actions for you.
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