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Is Graph Analytics Possible Without Graph Databases? Datactive Promises Much More!

With Datactive, it is now possible to give a different answer to this question.

With Datactive’s Datagraph Engine technology, you can run graph algorithms (betweenness centrality, degree centrality, shortest path, page rank, etc.) with your distributed data on your relational databases or your data sources such as Hadoop, file system, without the need for a graph database. Graph databases allow you to visualize your data along with the incoming drawing libraries, but when you want to make changes (for example, displaying high-volume data, being able to put your own images on the nodes, etc.), you need third-party applications.

With Datactive’s unique visualization capability, you can have all graph advantages with a single product.

Thanks to Datactive’s hybrid approach, you can take advantage of both graph technologies’ capabilities and all the advantages of relational or Hadoop systems at the same time, without the need for a graph database.

You can visit the link for product details, and contact us for detailed information.

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