Uncover The Hidden Connections
Discovering connections between data from many different sources may be too difficult and time consuming with only human power. With the relationship oriented data analysis system, we encourage you to see the big picture. The system was designed to reveal the connections between people and objects quickly. It provides you to interpret the results. We support you to focus on the source of the problem to reach a solution. The system we build also allow teamwork with its sharing capabilities. We set up the system considering your intended usage and provide you to discover the problematic issue. Therefore, we support you to focus on the solution quickly by avoiding loss of money and time.
Crime and Intelligence Analysis
For crime detection, it is necessary to reveal the connections between a large numbers of data from different sources. In systematic crimes, determining the details and reaching the correct data can be quite difficult with only human attention. With the systems we develop, we support you to view the connections between people and objects through many different data sources and interpret the results. We become a solution partner of all public security units and crime analysts in their investigations with our latest technology analysis system.
Banking Fraud and Money Laundering Detection
With the increase in data volume in developing and expanding financial markets, different environments and techniques are emerging for fraudulent behaviours. Yet, with the properly constructed relationship-oriented analysis system, it is possible to reveal payment fraud methods through many different data sources by using advanced data visualization, common pattern finding and data clustering capabilities. With these systems, unusual behaviours and suspicious transactions are able to be detected, scenarios can be produced for similar situations, quick precautions can be taken, and money loss can be prevented.
Insurance Fraud Detection
In the insurance industry, fraudsters can use legal claims and indirect methods to make money the easy way. It is very difficult to detect those who commit fraudulent behaviour over legitimate scenarios in a very large data world. With the relationship oriented data analysis system, by demonstrating relationships between individuals and revealing hidden connections between data, we support you to detect organized fraud methods such as auto repairers who deliberately damage property or make accident agreements to get money from insurance.
Contract and Supply Fraud
It is very difficult to examine the transactions in your entire dealer and store network in depth. This may lead to fraudulent losses and adversely affect your profitability. In order to prevent such negative scenarios in your business, we provide you to analyse the transactions of your suppliers and solution partners. With relationship oriented data analysis systems, you are able to observe instantly the movements between connections by means of visual data analysis method over the data inside your company or your distribution channels. We support you to detect risky movements in an instant, reveal scenarios and take immediate action for similar situations.

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