Graph Database System
“The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.”
John W. Tukey
Analyse your data in the fastest way regardless of your industry with Datagraph – Graph Database System. Datagraph provides fast retrieval for complex data models and connected data .
Discover advantages of graph databases.
Graph databases are developed with Big Data NoSQL systems. They are very important systems for analytical operations considering their data storage methods.
Step up to advanced data analysis technology.
Queries that keep data in stacks (tables) may result in poor performance and user errors. Moreover, queries that get more complex when the need for joins increases are also cause errors. Step up to the next level of analysis. Datagraph presents new information by running graph algorithms with its extensive features such as optimization for connected data models, easy-to-understand data model and fast navigation capabilities.
Do not get lost in details.
Complete your comprehensive analysis in a short time with parallelism support. Take advantage of traverse and shortest path functions which are the basic components of the system. Perform all graph behaviours and functions by staying completely in the relational database system.
Explore data with the power of visualization.
Datagraph offers Visual Data Analysis with its Smart Data Drawing (SDD) feature. Visualize, analyse and navigate graph search results interactively with the web-based visualization and data discovery application.
Use the latest technologies.
Easily identify key nodes (nodes) in a network with centrality algorithms. Datagraph runs and displays subgraph search, shortest path, key node finder with Datagraph Query Language (DQL). Benefit from high-performance web-based representation and data discovery support for up to one million nodes and relations.
Usage areas:
• Relation Analysis
• Genealogy Analysis

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