“Analyse your data in distributed systems on a single platform. ”
“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Sherlock Holmes, “A Study in Scarlett”
(Arthur Conan Doyle).
Advanced analytical methods and visualization screens for crime and fraud analysis.
Datactive is a visual analysis platform allows you to analyse a wide variety of high-volume data. It provides public and private institutions to analyze their data in a visual environment on a single platform to reveal illegal activities. Therefore, query and singularize your structured and unstructured data stored in different sources on a common interface. Besides, use all relational databases, web services, excel files, big data systems. Manage your data by configuring the logical connections in user interface without development costs.
Add an ability without coding with Datactive Query Language (DQL).
Get the opportunity to add functions easily with DQL, the query language we developed. Hence, collect time-consuming and complex analysis in one function with zero code. Expand your system considering your needs. Through its flexible and easy usage, benefit features without technical support .
Discover the unknown.
Transfer your query results to entity link analysis view with the data discovery feature. With its extensive relationship and network analysis ability, identify critical findings as data connections with visual data mining techniques. In this way, see all at once and easily find all clues. In addition, save your analysis and share with other platform users. Datactive determines query performance autonomously with the smart learning technologies and provides smart access to data.
Create your scenario with the power of visual inquiry, see the big picture.
Save your crucial analysis as scenarios, schedule them and generate alarms. Share your analysis with your team via SMS and e-mail. Always be on the lookout.
Make geographic analysis with your spatial data, focus directly on your target.
Create your queries on map with geographical analysis capability. Thus, go deeper without losing your focus. Switch to the map view whenever you want during your analysis. Examine your data in spatial dimensions.
With its high performance and smart learning techniques, Datactive is your strongest solution partner for your investigations.
With its smart learning feature, you can monitor your query performance constantly and create optimum work plan for each query automatically. Perform even the most complex analysis in the most ideal time. Datactive is developed with modern web technologies and you can customize its easy-to-use interface in accordance with your corporate identity. Expand it considering your needs with its horizontal scaling feature.


Crime and Intelligence Analysis
Revealing connections between great numbers of data from many different sources for crime detectionis is very difficult and time-consuming…
Banking Fraud and Money Laundering Detection
With the increase in data volume in expanding financial markets, different techniques are emerging for fraudulent behaviours…
Insurance Fraud Detection
Fraudsters can use legal claims and indirect methods to make money easily in insurance sector. It is too difficult to detect fraudulent behaviours over legitimate scenarios…
Contract and Supply Fraud
It is too difficult to examine the transactions in your entire dealers and store network in depth. This may lead to fraudulent losses and adversely affect your profitability…

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