Which Sectors are Using the Big Data?

The concept of big data reminds us of the field of information technologies. It sounds like a concept from the complex world of ones and zeros. However, big data is used in many different areas. The sectors using the largest data are increasing every day.


big data in logisticLogistics and Travel

One of the sectors where big data is used extensively is logistics. Logistics sector covers a wide range of actions; including transport services for both production and service. In other words, the transportation of goods produced by a factory to sales points as well as traveling from one point to another is both considered within the logistics sector.

During the transfer of goods or services from one point to another, any movement is collected in the big data. By examining these data, possible errors can be predicted and prevented. In the field of travel, big data is used to provide a perfect service. Big data can be used in international airline operations, in improving customer experience, and in continuing the transportation without disruption in emergency situations.

big data telecommunication


One of the first sectors to come to mind when it comes to big data is telecommunications. All the actions we make with communication tools are recorded as big data within the telecommunications sector. In addition to data exchange with individual messaging and telephoning; there are also connections between satellites, call centers, as well as open and closed network connections.

The big data we used in the optimization of the operations in the telecommunications sector in many different ways. Big data engineering is used in order to enable users to see customized content, to serve the right advertisement at the right moment, and to provide service providers with problem analysis to create solutions. The telecommunication sector cannot be considered independent of big data today.

Health Services, Insurance System, big dataHealth Services and Insurance System

Perhaps the most important benefits of big data are seen in the health sector. In this sector, it is possible to realize how big data closely relates to human life. In the health sector, big data comes first in the context of personal health data. From the very first moment when a person comes into the world to the end of his/her life, all the information s/he receives from the health sector is collected in large data. In the light of these data, it is possible to identify the trends of illnesses, to intervene early and to evaluate the individual data in order to contribute to public health.

Large data in the field of health services can also be used to improve health operations. Big data can be used to improve the working conditions of health personnel, to distribute the intensity in the health service providers, and to improve the quality of service received.
In addition to that, big data can be used in insurance systems. Here, first of all, data security should be considered. One of the areas where individual data is of great importance is insurance. Both the health status of a person and financial information are of great importance for the insurance system, hence must be protected. By collecting this data in the long term, the risks covered by insurance and the measures that can be taken can be calculated and prevented more clearly.

big data, banking and finance

Banking and Finance

The areas that like the big data the most are banking and finance! The banking and finance sectors have a deep connection with the data and they use the big data the most. Specialization in big data in these areas makes the service provided to a much better quality.

In the banking sector, large data includes account movements, loans and interests, and customer service data. Big data in the banking sector can be used to achieve economic transparency, to adjust loan rates, and to improve the quality of services offered in banks. In this area, it is necessary to underline the importance of data security as well.

Big data was used in finance, even before it was this popular. The profit and loss analysis of a company, the movements of shares in the stock exchange, the movements of the currencies in the given time are included in this field. Thanks to big data, it is possible to make the right estimation and correct investment in finance.

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