What is Data Engineering? What are the Skills Needed?

Data engineering has become one of today’s most fashionable professions. Although it does not appear as a bachelor’s degree at universities, when it does, it is likely to be placed on a number of students’ preferred lists. For the time being, it is an area of study that attracts self-taught field professionals and beginners. Maybe you want to turn to the field of data engineering, but you’re not sure what skills will work for you in this field. So you’ve come to the right place! What is data engineering, what exactly are those who practice this profession, what are the skills and skills needed in data engineering… We have compiled all the answers for you.

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What is Data Engineering?

Data Engineering includes all the engineering and operational tasks needed to make the data available for an analytical review. Data engineers have a big role in the process of examining data. Depending on the type and size of the available data, the capabilities that data engineers will use vary. Nevertheless, their basic principles are the same. These include data acquisition, data synchronization, data conversion, data models, data governance, performance optimization, and production regulation.

Data Scientist and Data Engineer Difference

As mentioned in the introduction, data engineering is one of the popular areas in our world today. However, it is not a new phenomenon to examine the data and to use these investigations by decision makers on various issues. There are many different professions in this area. One of these professionals is data scientists. Although they might sound similar,  there are big differences between the data scientist and the data engineer.
Data scientists; can create groundbreaking algorithms with the data they are focused on, they can make the figures dance by combining their expertise in the field of data with the power they derive from mathematics and logic! However, if there is no data engineer to put this data into production for use in the enterprise, this data has no value.
Although these concepts are new to business areas today, it is always beneficial to make the difference between wrists and necessary investments in this direction.


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What are the Skills Needed by Data Engineers?

We defined data engineering, we looked at the differences between the nearest neighbor, data scientists. It is now time to look at the skills required for data engineering.
Data Collection: If there is no data available, what are we going to review? The first skill that data engineers should have is data collection. It is part of the collection, grouping and classification of data from different sources in a single data pool.
Data Synchronization: Data synchronization, which can be considered as part of the data collection, is one of the skills used by data engineers in their daily tasks. It includes the identification, exchange and consolidation of changes in the data source.
Data Conversion: Integration and conversion of data are key to making sense of them and using them. It is the process of converting data from the mixed numbers into tables that can be understood by ordinary people.
Data Management: Data management is essentially an area of its own and data engineers are not responsible for the governance of data. However, they must have the ability to establish the necessary systems for data access control and data communication and to ensure that they support the capabilities required for good data management.
Having all these skills and developing your knowledge and unit in the field you want to work on is the first step in data engineering. Looks pretty complicated, don’t you think?
Let’s face it, data engineering is a difficult profession. Today, however, data engineers are quite rare, and the demand for their skills and capabilities is quite high. Therefore, developing your skills in data analysis and gaining experience in this area is of increasing importance.

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