Graph Engine

By remaining within the Totally Relational Database System, it is the component to perform all Graph behavior and functions.

Its main features are;

  • It has built-in DQL (DataGraph Query Language) language which is a declerative query language which we developed and provides support to write Graph queries much more easily and comprehensibly according to the data model.
  • It performs Graph Navigation (Traverse) operations very quickly.
  • It performs Shortest Path operations.
  • It provides Paralelism support for long-lasting, comprehensive deep analyzes.
  • The Lock Nodes in a network are identified by Centrality Algorithms.
  • Graph provides search support for filtering queries from other tables in the Relational Database.
  • As search operations can be done with conventional SQL operations, the search result can be associated with other tables. (Joining).
  • It provides support for permanently saving the search results to the database when necessary.
  • It provides geographic filter support within the Graph database with Spatial functions.
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