Brand Success Stories With Big Data

Nowadays, the importance of big data is frequently emphasized in many places. However, it is difficult for many of us to imagine it. Because even the concept of big data is new in itself, it is hard to imagine success stories that are likely to come with it. However, the international arena is full of success stories on this subject. Here are some success stories we have compiled from the big data world for you.


Dr. Pepper – Innovation in Marketing

One of the largest soft drinks companies in the United States. Pepper is one of the best examples of big data. Dr. The Pepper Snapple Group’s greatest success in this field was the self-development of machine learning. The program called MyDPS that they use is one of the best examples of machine learning. They also use different analytical methods. Dr. Pepper has improved its marketing department with this information. Having knowledge of which product in the group’s product range is sold in the country’s marketplace, the Marketing Unit has led its employees to develop new projects and have a more focused marketing strategy.


Shell – High Control

Shell, one of the world’s oil giants, is one of the ones who has used the big data. We think that such a big name has a perfect structure in the sense of internal organization, right? However, Shell, before starting to use large data was experiencing many glitches. They could not keep track of the number of inventories in the many different parts of the world, the machines and spare parts that they owned, the problems in these machines and the need for replacement of the parts. Shell decided to solve this problem with big data. Why do you ask? The reason is obvious… It would be possible for a large company like Shell to compile so much data and achieve a meaningful result, thanks to big data! Today Shell operations are being scrutinized in a much more meticulous way.

Xerox – Customer Satisfaction

Printer, scanner, printers her Xerox is a name that appears wherever there is paper. Those who are involved with Xerox machines know. Sometimes there are various problems in these machines. Sometimes the problem is solved by turning the paper off and then removing the jammed paper. Sometimes you need to get professional help as well. Xerox help centers are not working enough for many years. The company’s Human Resources Department has not been able to provide a solution to this problem… until we have benefited from the big data! He looked at the call records from Xerox help centers and the working hours of the staff, and then managed to create a solution that would make both customers and employees happy.


The Weather Company – Accurate Forecasts

Many of us know them from the weather application on our phone. The Weather Company is one of the world’s largest weather forecasting companies. Recently they were incorporated by the computer giant IBM. After this change, studies were started to bring the weather data closer to reality. Today, The Weather Company has managed to increase the accuracy rate by collecting data with 100,000 weather measurement sensors from around the world. He owes this to specialization in big data.


Netflix – Keep Watching

Today, there are a number of practices that completely changed our television viewing habits. What is bigger and bigger is the domination of the international market by Netflix. Netflix is a complete success story with its unique productions, the first screenings of the films and the opportunity to watch television’s favorites. There is big data behind this great success. Netflix monitors the audience behavior and likes the user’s likes. That’s why our home page looks different from each other. Even though it may seem like a simple process, this analysis can only be done with big data, given the fact that the information is extensive.

Avis Budget – Successful Campaigns

One of the largest car rental companies in the world, Avis Budget also carried its services a step further with big data. This company’s first use of big data was to reward loyal customers. The demographic characteristics of the customers, their feedback on the service and the data of the company’s general social media activity were used in this direction. In this way, the most appropriate and satisfactory discounts and opportunities were offered to the beneficiaries of the services. The second part of the company’s big data is more operational. Avis Budget, which aims to provide greater comfort to the beneficiaries of the services, has identified the problems in the vehicles with big data and started taking precautionary measures to eliminate them.


How Much is Big Data Needed for Success?

We have seen how the biggest companies in the world have achieved success with big data. As can be seen from these real-life examples, big data can be life-facilitating in different parts of any operation. We sometimes see the benefits of big data in terms of increasing internal communication and employee happiness, sometimes reaching potential customers and improving the experience of the customers. All these examples show that companies that want to win in the future need to invest in big data today.

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