Big Data Trends in 2019

The concept of big data is creating innovations in many different areas, especially in communication technologies. Big data is re-writing the rules in almost every field! Following these exciting developments closely makes it possible for those who use big data technology to have an upper hand in this area.

Big data is a fairly dynamic concept. Just as we think that we have understood and learned everything about it, there are new developments. With data innovations in data mining, data collection styles are changing, and with further developments in data engineering, new data evaluation methods are invented. Closely following the trends of the coming year from the big data field, is taking those who are interested in this issue a step ahead.

Digital Transformation

One of the innovations that have been talked about for a long time in the field of large data is digital transformation. Maybe you are hearing this concept for the first time. Perhaps without realizing you were actually developing yourself in this area. So, what does digital transformation mean?

Digital transformation means that large data is used by companies to achieve higher profits. In a sense, big data is the new competitive advantage. Previously, finding a new idea and marketing this idea well enough to provide a competitive advantage. Now this situation is changed with big data. An idea may not have come to your mind first. Or you may not have a great marketing strategy. However, if you develop yourself in large data, you can capture digital change and use big data to your advantage.

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There is another concept added to the jargon. Operationalization will be the keyword for 2019. Companies that have improved themselves in the operationalization of data lines closed last year happily. Let’s take a look, what exactly does operationalization mean in the big data concept? For this, we need to look at another keyword, machine learning.

When closing the year of 2018, we have seen that companies that develop themselves in machine learning are successful in getting multiple data lines. Increasing the number of these channels, and feeding of these channels with sample cases by data analysts is the next step. It is important to create a successful machine learning algorithm.

Big Data in 2019: Hybrid Data Analysis

One of the professions that emerged with the large data area is a data analyst. Data analysts are using different methods from each other to use the data for the benefit of the company. Until now, classical methods were preferred in data analysis. However, this situation is changing from next year.
One of the top ten trends in the new year will be hybrid data analysis. This concept points to a multifaceted change. Firstly, changes in data collection methods will be used. Technology is getting cheaper with developments in this field. This means that many different companies will use different methods. In addition, differences in the methods of reviewing the data will be released. Changes in this direction in the data ecosystem will have a revolutionary impact in the field of large data. Those who want to catch this wind should invest in different areas starting from this year.

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New Year’s New Developments

The big data area has made great progress, especially in the ten years we have left behind. After that, the people who are working in this area will witness where the existing developments can lead them to.

The prediction of this situation will cause changes in the number of companies serving the big data in the new year. The consolidation of large data suppliers will decrease. With this decline in the number of innovations is ten. It is important not only to dominate big data but also to develop a different approach to this data. The companies that have taken their steps according to these rules will win.

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