Big Data Solutions & Machine Learning

These concepts, which are the most popular technological terms of today’s world, are essentially projects that have been developed as open source initiatives, mostly developed for the storage, interrogation and analysis of very fast growing and varied data profiles. In time, these concepts have matured and started to be used as institutional solutions, reaching today’s diversity and popularity by capturing great momentum.

The need for low-cost data retention, or the need to subject a wide variety of data typologies to analytical processing, can be described as the most fundamental problem encountered in large data solutions projects, which often contain too many solutions. Synchronous operation of many subcomponents is the most fundamental requirement of these systems.

Once this is achieved, a large data system must be developed that can store and read very different types of data optimized for the purpose, high performance and security requirements. However, this is no longer enough. Because big data systems that do not have an analytical dimension are simply defined as low-cost data storage units, systems that incorporate Machine Learning with integrated “intelligence” are the only way to meet current analytical needs quickly and efficiently. As Datateam, we carry out these processes with all of these difficult, complicated and different disciplinary specialties, on your behalf and with you, meticulously.

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