As Datateam Information Technologies founded in 2015, we aim to provide services in the fields of Enterprise Data Analysis and Software Solutions.

Since the first day when it was established, our company has continued its activities with the motivation of continuous growth with its first day excitement and has achieved lasting and important successes with its products and services.

With the rapid growth and diversification of databases in almost every institution today, Big Data and Data Analysis Solutions are emerging as the fastest growing and necessary information area on the global scale. Our basic mission and vision of “adding value to the data”, we continue to offer and develop solutions that will make a difference with our expertise in the field of Big Data and Data Analysis.

About DataGraph

DataGraph is one of the four major NoSQL database systems that make up the Big Data Systems family. Since the method of storing and querying data is in the architecture appropriate to the Graph theory, it is the ideal system for analyzing the data models of the connected type. It makes finding and removing patterns fast with very fast traverse power between relations and it enables to detect hidden / unearthed relationships and networks by supporting Graph algorithms that relational databases do not support.

Graph data model is the closest model to the human brain and perception, making it easier and quicker to construct and deactivate the model than other systems. These advantages are among the most preferred systems for data analysis and data analysis studies.

DataGraph is a solution that can perform all Graph functions within the relational database, that is, the infrastructure that can be subjected to Graph analysis and algorithms without leaving the data source. DataGraph is unique in this regard also in the World.

DataGraph itself has a structure that can internally be broken down and used modularly.